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We're Pet Friendly!
We're both pet owners, and pet lovers. We've both been in the position of looking for an apartment which will accept pets, only to discover that there aren't any. We've both been in the position that many of you have faced at one time or another, trying to find any resource which would guide us toward pet-friendly housing. This is why we accept pets, and this is why we created!
This is the solution for pet owners looking to rent an apartment! Pet owners now have an opportunity to bring their pet with them, under certain conditions.
1. A pet deposit equivalent to one month's rent is required, and must be paid up front to ensure that any damage is covered by the pet deposit. This deposit is in addition to the security deposit, equivalent to one month's rent, which is required regardless of having a pet
2. An additional $25.00 per month is charged per pet. At the expiration of the lease, any carpeting in the dwelling must be steam cleaned and deodorized by a professional carpet cleaner, and the dwelling must be flea bombed by a professional exterminator.
3. The apartments available are mainly in Eastern Montgomery County, PA. All our apartments are house apartments, as opposed to large complexes or townhouses. Garbage disposals and dishwashers are most often included.
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